Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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About the Fenelon Fair


This year marks our 129th year!

In 1888 The Fenelon Agricultural Society was formed.

At that time the fair was held in Glenarm. People came from miles around so that they could show off their crops, baking, homecrafts and livestock. Today the fair is held at the Fair Grounds in Fenelon Falls, at the corner of North St and Veteran's Way.

A lot of fine, hardworking people, volunteer their time for this event each year. Many hours are spent making decisions as to what new and exciting things will attract people to the fair. Each year is another challange.

Speaking of challange...if you like a challange and would like to spend some of your extra time with some really nice people, come join us in our efforts. We'd be ever so grateful for your help!

See you at the fair!

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