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Fenelon Agricultural Society
P.O. Box 872
Fenelon Falls ON
K0M 1N0
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Liability Insurance

All organizations making use of the Fenelon Fairgrounds will indemnify and demonstrate proof of Liability Insurance indemnifying the Fenelon Agricultural Society and the City of Kawartha Lakes, of their employees or volunteers may not be held responsible for any loss or damages by any person, organization or company.

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Schedule of fees: ACCESSING GROUNDS:

3 or more Days flat rate  $1000.00.

1 or 2 Days  $350.00/day  of building and equipment.

Renter is responsible for all set up and clean up.  $100.00deposit to be paid at the signing of this contract, refundable if not needed for any repairs or cleanup we may have to do after the event.

If additional costs are incurred by the society for the event, the renter may be responsible for said costs:

  • Septic Pumping (to be determined based on use)
  • Hydro to be determined based on use if less than 3 days. Rental of 3 or more days hydro is $100.00
  • Also may be responsible for some costs of preparation.

Total to be invoiced following the event, minus damage deposit if not used as stated above. We agree the Fenelon Agricultural Society has the right to operate the Society’s food booth at the event. The (name of organization)_______________________________________ May______________ May Not______________ have other food vendor’s at the event, provided the vendor’s menu does not conflict with the FAS Food Booth and the FAS must prove the menu. Any vendor’s using fuel must be TSSA certified and provide a current license and display said license during the event.

The event organizers are responsible for policing any alcohol consumption in accordance with the provincial/CKL Alcohol & Gaming Act.

Access to the grounds for set up etc. will begin (date)_______at 12:00pm. And you will be completely removed from the grounds by _______at 12:00pm. Unless otherwise arranged. the buildings are to be cleaned and cleared of any debris & equipment, props used are to be returned to their place of storage and found in good working condition. Set up and cleanup are the responsibility of the (name of the organization) ______________________________ _____ _____________________including removal of all garbage from the grounds. ANY NON-COMPLIANCE WILL BE BILLED AT AN HOURLY RATE.


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