OAAS 2020 convention's reserve grand champion quilt

Mary Henderson's Big Win


Fenelon Ag Society volunteer Mary Henderson with her Reserve Grand Champion quilt at the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies' 2020 Convention, held in February in Richmond Hill.

On Display at the 2019 Fenelon Fair


Mary Henderson's winningest quilt, at the beginning of its journey - on display at the 2019 Fenelon Fair, adorned with ribbons that foretold success down the road.


Q & A with mary henderson

Q: What is the name of your award-winning quilt?

A: The quilt is called "Celtic Sampler", and 18 of the 20 blocks are different.

Q: How many "big wins" have you had with your quilts?

A: This is the first time I have advanced to the Ontario level, but I did get a 3rd Place at District 4 level many years ago.

Q: How many years have you been quilting?

A: I've been quilting since 1990. I took classes in Toronto before I moved to Fenelon.

Q: What is that you enjoy about quilting?

A: I really love the creation of the top, and I find the actual quilting a challenge; to be even and interesting so that it really adds to the beauty of the top, not just for the practical application of holding the layers together. I find the quilting process relaxing as well as frustrating at times, as funny as that sounds.

Q: Any advice for wannabe quilters?

A: I always suggest that they start with a small project which is easy to accomplish. The learning process can be frustrating before it is rewarding.

Q: What are you working on now, and will it be ready for competition in 2020?
A: I just started quilting a quilt named 'Arkansas Crossroads'. It is a pretty scrappy quilt with lots of room for quilting but I am not confident it will be ready for this years fair. I have completed another top and am working on finishing up yet another one...and so it continues. So many ideas, so little time.