Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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Welcome to  

The Fenelon Fair!

We are so glad you found us!

                                              Now we can tell you our BIG news!!

Fenelon Fair has moved it's date up to

July 20, 21 & 22


The Fenelon Fair grounds is located at 24 Veterans Way                                      (Beside the Legion) 

From the centre of town - go south on Colborne St. to the corner of the Car Wash and Godfathers Pizza - go west on Veterans Way to the Community Centre and Voila!! Congratulations You found us!!


 Hello folks. Having a fair is a lot of work for our volunteers, it is also very costly so we really appreciate all donations and sponsorship funds we receive. One of the events at a fair is the Midway which is something we look forward to. There are limited number of Midway providers so each fair works very hard to ensure they have a Midway. In some cases, the Midway providers, request a substantial amount of money. Some others offer a percentage of their profits back to the Fair, but it is difficult to reach that number in small rural fairs. Last year the Midway provider we had, was a very big disappointment to all of us. They did not provide as they were supposed to, so you folks and the Board were very upset. So now let’s get to this Year. Because of conflicting with other fairs and events, we thought we would change our dates so in 2018 the NEW DATES for our fair are July 20, 21 & 22. We are also having new events. We are now working on a craft corner, petting zoo, bossy bingo and many other ideas. So along with new dates, new ideas, new events, we also have a Midway provider this year, that is certainly not new to the business. We are very pleased to say the HOMENUIK RIDES INCORPORATED will be at our fair. You can check their site and find other fairs they provide for and one is the Bobcaygeon Fair among many others. So, please Mark your calendars and plan attending and enjoying the Fenelon Fair........see you there

                                                                                                              Admission to the grounds:

                                    Adults Daily Pass $7.                                                         Teens $5. 

                                    Public School Children  $3.                            Pre-School Children  Free 

                                                                                   Parking $3.

               A weekend pass $18. 


If you are a vendor and would like to get a copy of our contract you can download it here.

If you are a crafter looking for a space you can download a contract here.

Would you like to rent the Fair Grounds for your own event? Download a contract here.


We have gone to one book this year. Download the whole book here or go to the desired page to download only the sections you're interested in. 


Remember we are ALL VOLUNTEERS and human and as such we sometimes make mistakes...for example...

When putting together the book this year, I somehow left a section of the homecraft out. Numbers 88-102 are missing in the book. If you would like to see this list, go here to download it.



Sunday is Horse Day


Ladies keep your hats on!!

Real Live Cowboys are coming to our fair!!!

We are holding a 3 Man (Cowboy) 2 Gate Sorting Competition.





Just to let y'all know...

We're sorry to say there will be no Drill Team this year.



We Value Our Entertainment...Won't You Come Out & Enjoy Yourselves!



Watch for a few events taking place at the Fair Grounds this year.

Please click on the links to access their home pages.

Fenelon Falls Annual CAR - TRUCK & BIKE SHOW & Flea Market

Civic Long Weekend August 3, 4, 5, 2018 at the Fenelon Fairgrounds, 27 Veterans Way


Labour Day Long weekend Sept. 1, 2, 2018


Did You Know?:

1. We are looking for volunteers?

2. We are a registered Society?

3. We can give you your volunteer hours needed to graduate High School?

4. You'll meet some very interesting people!

5. You can make new friends!

And best of all...

6. You will feel good about yourself and your community








If you would like to help us out at the fair, please get in touch with us by e-mail at fenelonfair@gmail.com or call us

at 705-887-9403 we'd love to hear from you.

(if you've tried in the past, please try again, we may have misplaced your request while cleaning up files...thanks)

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